ME | Bianca

Hi Peeps!

I am Bianca. I was born and raised in Brazil but Australia is my home, sweet home. Brazil and Australia are beautiful countries and each place has its own charm and let’s just say it – they really do have it all. I am always amazed by their interesting culture, delicious food, amazing places and mesmerising nature and not to mention the beautiful people.

These two places certainly have my heart and for this reason I will be blogging about inspiring things in life from Brazil, Australia and around the globe. There will be topics such as travelling, food, health and wellness on Love Live Nature website.

My goal is to inspire people to become better versions of themselves, but most importantly is to get inspired by other fascinating people. That said, I will be mentioning on my posts inspiring businesses which are located in Australia and around the world. As long as they have a good purpose of some sort, I am sure people will be pleased to hear about them!

I love nature, art, design, tea, meditation, Reiki, health food, travelling, a little bit of chocolate now and then & all the beautiful things in life. Please remember Life is all about balance and enjoy yourself and have a laugh are highly recommended for a happy life.

Since my background is art, design and marketing, I decided to create an art business which is called Dutra Art House. Please check out my pages:

I am also a Reiki Practitioner. I will be offering free distance Reiki healing for those in need. Stay tuned and keep an eye on my Facebook posts.

Don’t be a stranger please email me at if you would like to share your story or just want to say: Hi! I would love to hear from you!

Much Love xxx Bianca